Star Wars: The Other Rebellion

So About That...

So that “Labor Day” start date worked out real well…

The character sheet is here. Remember the Questions Three, as well. If you answer them, the game is more likely to steer itself towards awesomeness for you.

I’ve gotten some character concepts, and I’m hoping others will be fleshed out soon. Still working on maps as often as I can, and statting out threats and NPCs.

Speaking of which! I’m giving you the option to create NPC “followers” in the vein of Tail. You get two nonheroic levels, can come up with the backstory, and then this character will end up in the pool of NPCs that could be accompanying you for the remainder of the game.

Once I get the new power cord in for my laptop and get a few more concepts/character sheets in, we can start talking meeting times.


Cripes, yeah I still need to make my character.


So About That...

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